Mina Taliaki

Mina Taliaki

Editor in Chief

Mina Taliaki is a senior writer and a relationship coach. Her main goal is to help people achieve their life goals. That is why she chose the dating sphere as the main niche in her career. Before joining the team, she spent the majority of my career writing for social magazines and traveling across the globe to research relationship patterns in different countries.

Mina Tailaki was born in Greece and started her career in her home country. Mina Taliaki has an award-winning career in multinational companies, and she has tested and proved the efficacy of Coaching when important changes happen in her life. On top of that, Mina Taliaki has always been interested in psychology. That is why she started to provide her own research by interviewing groups of people and writing articles dedicated to modern relationship tendencies.

In 2015, Mina Taliaki got married and became a mother. To balance family life and career, she began to work as a freelance writer. Since she is happy in her family life, she wants others to experience the same feelings. That is why Mina devoted her work to international marriages and cross-cultural relationships. Her articles include only relevant information, so feel free to take a deep dive into international dating with Mina Taliaki.

Mina Taliaki

I am truly passionate about exploring the diverse world of international marriages and cross-cultural relationships. It brings me immense joy to study various mail-order bride sites, understanding their unique dynamics and cultural intricacies. My greatest fulfillment comes from sharing this knowledge and expertise with my readers, helping them navigate their journey in finding true love across borders. I believe that everyone deserves happiness and it’s an honor to contribute to that through my work.

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