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It is no secret that Indian brides, like other women from South Asia, are prone to get married quite early. The average age of the Indian bride is 21 years old, which is connected with the upbringing and the idea that the woman must have a family as fast as possible. Indian brides are smart and sensitive women who have become mail order brides for essential reasons that we are going to discover in this article.

Pretty Indian Brides – Review Of The Top Dating Sites 2023

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Why do Indian Ladies become mail order brides? 

As we all know, India is unfortunately a conservative country with old-fashioned traditions where arranged marriages are still a thing. According to a survey in 2018, 160,000 were evaluated 3% of which were marriages for love and 93% of marriages were arranged. So two reasons why Indian girls register on dating platforms have formed:

  1. They want to look for love on their own and find the person they would feel loved and not obligated to get married to because it’s high time. 
  2. Indian women find it difficult to be wives to Indian men, who take a lot of things their wives do for granted. Western men are considered to be more tender, less demanding, and full of support towards women. This makes Indian ladies change their perspectives towards local men and move into the dating stage with foreigners.
Indian woman who become mail order brides

Why should you marry Indian mail order wives? 

You should never have thought that Indian brides are more independent and self-assertive than anyone thinks of them. Even though they crave more freedom, they understand the important qualities they should gain in order to become the best wives for their husbands. Here are a couple of reasons you should consider marriage to an Indian bride:  

  • Indian girls don’t treat generosity for granted. A lot of women got used to men paying and treating it as if it should be like that all the time. Indian women who want to become a wife, on the contrary, are ready to contribute to relationships not less than their partners. 
  • Women from India desire to share love and tenderness with their husbands. They are aware that women should not behave like men because this behavior is only okay when you want to be friends. In this case, Indian brides love showing their feminine side to cherish more love moments with their spouses.


Indian women become mail order brides because they are sick and tired of arranged marriage tradition in India. They crave to find a partner they will feel a deep connection with. This makes them amazing girlfriends and wives since when they meet the right person they will do their best not to lose them. Because of their feminine traits and upbringing, Indian ladies can be perfect wives for males who desire calmness, support, and loyalty in their relationships.

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