Pakistani Bride — Your Ticket to a Happy Long-Lasting Marriage

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Brides from Asia own similar and different traits at the same time. This is connected with their upbringing, culture, and traditions. Pakistani women are not an exception. Being raised in a conservative country, they have gone through strict rules and obligations. This made them register at online dating platforms where they can meet truly caring and loving partners for life. Pakistani mail order brides never lose hope and aspire to marriage with tender and reliable Western men.

Pretty Pakistani Brides – Review Of The Top Dating Sites 2023

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Pakistani women: Statistics you didn’t even know about

As was mentioned already, women up brought in Pakistan have difficulties with the patriarchal system in their country. This system allows them to become mothers, wives but not more, which leads to early marriages and childbirth:

  • Marriage is obligatory in Pakistan. Hence, the percentage of Pakistani females who were married till they were 25 is 85.54% which is higher compared to 59% of American women.
  • Pakistani girls get married quite early. The thing is that the average age of a Pakistani girl who gets married is 18 years old, which is still better compared to 15 decades ago. Unfortunately, some girls under the age of 15 are obliged to get married for poverty or other reasons.
  • Pakistani girls for marriage become mothers quickly. It is no surprise, considering the early age of marriage. Approximately 50% of Pakistani females have their first child at the age of 21.8. However, it is not the case for everyone since it depends on the education and the area where the woman was born.
The Pakistani girl, mail order bride

What does the Pakistani mail order bride cost? 

When we take an online dating experience, then the price for the bride will depend on the website you are going to choose. It is advisable to opt for the paid dating platform because Pakistani brides there are intended to get married and seek no causal experiment. Here is the approximate price for a Pakistani woman:

  • Online communication on the website — $100-$200 per month. 
  • Present sent to her country — $50-$500, or even more. 
  • A real date set in her country. The ticket to Pakistan from New York to Lahore can cost $1000-$2000. 
  • The accommodation for two weeks on Airbnb costs $400-$600. 
  • Dinners at the restaurants — $200. 
  • Transportation — about $200. 
  • A K-1 visa with the help of which you can legally marry a Pakistani bride costs $2000.


Marriage in Pakistan is a big deal. That is why most women there get married till they turn 25 and give birth to kids quite early. Beautiful Pakistani girls who do not follow the general rules become mail order brides and seek relationships with foreign men. These ladies want to get to know their partner better before marriage and don’t rush to have a family quickly like their local peers. Of course, different thinking depends on multiple factors. 

The price of Pakistani women entirely depends on the dating platform and your desire to invest in the development of the relationships. After all the investment you end up with a loving, humble, and sensible partner who will give as much support and love as possible.

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