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People crave love and look for different ways to find a perfect partner. In this century, it has become much easier to create a deep connection with a person via online chatting which eventually leads to real dates. Moreover, it is now possible to start a conversation with the desired lady from across the globe online.    

Hence, a lot of foreign men have discovered great opportunities to meet foreign ladies. Most of them dream of a serious connection with Asian women. If you’ve ever desired to find a pretty lady who wants a foreign husband, you might wonder where to meet Asian girls.

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It is no doubt that Asian ladies have gained huge popularity among Western men thanks to their sexy looks and amazing character traits. There are only two ways you can use to get acquainted with Asian angels — offline and online. Today we are going to cover all of them. 

Ways to meet Asian singlesProsCons
OfflineYou can travel and meet real Asian singles. Moreover, you are able to build stronger connections faster via real-life talks.It is more expensive and time-consuming. Plus, you have no idea which woman is single and desires to start communication. 
OnlineYou can chat with a lot of different Asian ladies till you find the one. No need to travel at the beginning. You can find love from your working place.Even though the choice on Asian dating sites is enormous, you can still be a victim of scams or catfishing. 

Offline in much detail 

Offline dating can be more exciting since you can enjoy life chats with different kinds of Asian singles. However, it is more time- and money-consuming since you need to travel abroad. Let’s take a deeper look at where to meet Asian girls.

meet pretty asian women who want men


One of the most effective ways to meet Asian singles is to take a trip to Asian countries. When choosing a country, for example, China, learn about the dating rules and other peculiarities of Chinese women in general. Note that Asian singles are not eager to fool around, they are ready for the commitment.
Asian singles from poorer countries look for a foreign man who can take them to his country or at least provide financial security. There are so many places where you can meet Asian girl abroad.

meet asian women online

Cafés. Take your favorite book or a laptop and go to the most popular coffee shop. Choose the place where a lot of Asian people hang out. Cafés are a great place to meet Asian singles because there is always a cozy atmosphere: Asian girls drink cappuccinos with their friends, they might sit at their laptops and study something. It is easier to approach a girl in a café, unlike in restaurants or nightclubs. A restaurant is a place where people usually go with their beloved ones, and nightclubs are super loud, and you won’t have a chance to have a normal conversation. 
Shops. Hotels. Supermarkets. These are perfect places for an introduction. They are quieter, and a lot of single ladies spend time there. Go to a hotel and slightly flirt with a receptionist, rush to the supermarket and help an Asian woman choose the best wine, meet a single Asian in the shop and tell her that these jeans will look better on her. These ways will make you stand out and not look desperate. 

If you live in the USA, you are more likely to meet Asian women in some popular states, like California. Stroll to the festivals, church communities, or even Universities (if the age is appropriate) and meet Asian ladies there. 

Online in much detail

Even though offline dating sounds appealing, it is much easier to meet Asian women online. According to Rapid Visa, in 2019, 57% of K-1 visa applicants met online. Hence, there is no need to move to other Asian countries to meet your future Asian girlfriend. You can do it from home. All your actions demand a little time to opt for a reputable dating site and take an online journey with gorgeous ladies.

Dating sites are perfect for people who have no time to travel. One of the best Asian dating sites where you can meet pretty Asian singles who want men are: 

Dating sitePrices from

Communication rules

Once you choose the dating site, create an account, and find the Asian girl you are willing to attract, the next thing you do is start an interesting communication with her. 

how to meet asian women

Again, all the cultures are different, and some questions can be considered impolite. Here are a few things you can do not to scare an Asian woman away:

  • Pay attention to the photos she has posted and don’t start a conversation with a simple compliment, like “You are very attractive.” This is the phrase she might see dozens of times a day. Instead, use your imagination and her photos. For instance, if you see her photos on a bicycle, start a chat with, “So, you’re a bicycle enthusiast? That is great. I bet your legs will blow my mind.” If you want to sound less flirtatious, you can type something like “What was the most impressive trip on a bicycle you’ve ever had?” or “I know where we are going to ride on the bike when we meet each other.” All these ways sound unique and non-cliche.
  • Be generous and send her presents. If you have a great connection together, show her your gratitude by sending flowers, candies, or jewelry. Maybe she adores artistic pictures, you can send her a picture from the gallery. It is so great when your presents coincide with her hobbies and interests.
  • Switch to video calls because nothing can bring online dating closer than a genuine conversation between two people. If you desire to make the conversation engaging, ask her questions about her childhood, hobbies, fears, or places she would love to visit. Brutal or too sexy questions at the beginning will repel any Asian woman.
  • Be prepared to commit. When you meet Asian women online and build awesome communication with them, you need to take a step further and propose a trip to her country or invite her to your country. And when you meet in person, don’t rush any physical, earn her trust first. In this way, you are going to win the Asian lady’s heart.
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Final thoughts

As far as you understand, there are different ways to meet pretty Asian singles who want men from western countries. It doesn’t matter which way you choose — online or offline. The only thing that matters is your attitude towards an Asian woman. If you want to win her heart, show your real intentions, be curious about her life and show your admiration by presents and unforgettable dates. Hence, you will attract any woman you desire and create a strong bond with her.

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