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It is easy to meet Polish singles. Thanks to dozens of online dating sites with beautiful Slavic girls, the search for a suitable soulmate is simple, quick, and effective. If you are looking for serious relationships, this article is for you, as you will learn all it takes to start an enjoyable relationship with a Polish woman that can eventually become your date! Meet Polish single women for marriage. This article can help you understand why you have to start looking for a woman from this country and what you have to do to achieve that. Our tips will ensure high rates of success and simplicity of the whole process.

Some statistics about single Polish women

Poland is a jewel of Eastern Europe. It is a place where women have Slavic beauty but possess Western values and standards. It is a very developed country with thousands of single Polish girls who are eager to start a relationship with a foreign guy. Nevertheless, girlfriends from Poland seem to be less popular than other Slavic beauties. For instance, in 2020, there were only 61 women received a K-1 visa, which is a document needed to bring a girl to the United States and marry her there. 

One of the main qualities that you should consider when thinking about dating single Poland girl for marriage is how good her English is. If you have a serious intention to build a family with a foreign woman, you need to know that you could have thoughtful conversations with her. In general, English is fairly widely spoken in Poland — with just under 40% of Polish ladies overall reported as being able to speak English to some degree, with a higher percentage in major cities. 40% might be a decent number, but you also need to understand that a girl who seeks a foreign husband or boyfriend will know English better than other Polish women.

CityNumber of potential Polish singles

Top reasons why so many Polish women are single

Now that you know a few things about dating single Poland girl for marriage, let’s take a look at why there are so many women and what encourages them to become online girlfriends. While not all girls are single for these reasons, the majority of ladies that you will find online will have the same background.

  1. Polish single women can’t find a decent man in Poland. It is a common problem for girls all across the globe. Some ladies just can’t find a suitable partner where they live, but online dating offers them a great solution to how not to be single.
  2. Local guys cannot offer what single Polish women desire. While it is possible to find love in Poland, some guys are just not that successful or mature.
  3. Many single Polish men are working in other countries. It is a very common problem for women in Slavic countries, where local men have to seek a job in a different country for better pay. Thus, hundreds and thousands of young women remain single as there are not enough men!

These reasons are not universal, and some ladies can simply be into foreign relationships. However, knowing these reasons can help you understand what to expect from a relationship with a Polish beauty. Here are a few more reasons why single Poland girl for marriage become online girlfriend:

  1. Desire to have a better life. Any Polish woman knows that life in the United States is better than life in Poland. So, a lot of women just want to have better conditions to raise a family.
  2. High demand for beautiful and family-focused women. Thousands, if not millions of single guys in the United States are looking for serious relationships. And Polish women know that!

How can a guy meet Polish singles?

The process of finding a single Polish girl is very simple. In this section, we will analyze two options that are available for you: offline and online dating. And you will decide which one is more suitable for you!

dating single poland girl for marriage

Online dating

If you want to save a lot of time and money, you can choose online dating. There are thousands of single Polish women who are looking for serious relationships online. Some of them are eager to marry a foreigner, while others just want to have serious relationships. Either way, you can meet Polish singles rather quickly. And here is what you need to do:

  1. Find a proper dating site. Research options, read articles and reviews, and check out our list of great dating sites to meet foreign women.
  2. Create an account. It is quick, simple, and free of charge. Without an account, you won’t be able to use any dating site. Don’t forget to have a detailed and interesting profile page.
  3. Define what kind of date you are looking for. Specify her appearance and background. That will help you save a lot of time on searching.
  4. Search for your girlfriend. Use any tool available on the dating site. You can also manually browse all profiles and read the information there.
  5. Contact your girlfriend. Don’t be afraid of sending messages to several Polish girls at once. Be active and confident. Online dating is great because you can date many ladies at once!

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about finding a girlfriend online. Here are two of the most effective platforms for Polish women for marriage, feel free to start with them on the way to your Polish single ladies!

Offline dating

Offline dating is old-school — working, but not as effective as modern options. Indeed, you can fly to Poland and look for a girl there. And you can find one. But it will cost you weeks and thousands of dollars. While Poland is a very Western-orietned country, you will face quite a lot of obstacles before you could find a suitable partner who would want to date a foreigner. But it is possible nonetheless!

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